At Devlin we have been working since November 2004 on webcasting very high quality video over the Internet but aiming primarily at the new generation IPTV set-top boxes. Seven years later with a mature software and hardware solution, delivering TV globally, we turn our broadcast quality into an "off the shelf" channel start up solution.

Our 'Station in a Box' solution is relatively simple: using our software, you manage your content and can set up Video on Demand channels or Multiple Schedules using simple drag and drop timelines. Devlin Media take care of the rest; we host and deliver. The years have seen us build up a global network from as far as Denver through Europe to Cyprus, Malta and onwards to the Far East. Imagine your Local TV channel viewed worldwide; the ideal platform to promote your home city or town. Devlin's background in Local TV comes from the old ITC RSL local channel licenses; two of the directors of Devlin were involved in the Lanarkshire Television license which eventually was taken over by Thistle TV, so it's easy to see why the Devlin software solution is perfect for the task. Where else can you see a single man TV solution delivering globally to hundreds of thousands?


In November 2010 Devlin Media Ltd acquired all the assets of Global Digital Broadcast and purchased the IPTV hardware from Play TV/Something TV who liquidated. This gave Devlin Media Limited all the equipment and rights to offer the solution you see today. It also explains why you see these brands in our websites; we are gradually removing them, but believe in transparency and honesty. We have a new technical/sales line-up of staff, keen to meet all your requirements.

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